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4 Ways to Improve Restaurant Sales During the Holiday Season

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The joy of holidays comes with a price for restaurants. People are spending more time at home with family cooking, and restaurants can start to see up to a 60% decrease in business. Cold weather, traveling, and holiday activities are all factors that contribute to this decrease in sales for restaurants. This slow period in the foodservice industry can be discouraging for owners and employees, but there are some ways to combat this dip in sales.

There are four strategies that can help your restaurant combat the "holiday dip," including:

  1. Hosting Events and Activities

  2. Offering Gift Card Sales

  3. Preparing Meal Kits

  4. Improving Marketing Efforts  

Let's dive a little deeper into each one!

Hosting Events and Activities

Live music or game nights are a great way to increase customers during this time. This will give customers an incentive to have a nice night out and a break from the stress the holidays can bring. This can also be a great opportunity to provide the customers who attend these fun events with a special, limited-time offer to encourage them to come back ASAP! 

Gift Card Sales

What better gift than the gift of food? Offering gift cards during the holiday season gives people possible gift ideas for loved ones and generates sales for you. Advertising this can attract any holiday shoppers looking for a gift. You can even make gift cards part of a special deal where customers can purchase multiple gift cards at a lower price.

Preparing Meal Kits  

Cooking is a big stressor for some people during the holidays. You can provide a simple solution for those who may not have the time, access, or know-how to prepare their own holiday meals. Creating meal kits with simple instructions and/or only require reheating is a win-win for you and hungry families! Giving your community this option creates loyal and appreciative customers that are sure to come back again and again.

Improve Marketing Efforts

With all these ways to improve your business, you need a way to get the word out. Good marketing strategies are the most effective way to keep sales afloat. You can create posters to put outside your restaurant or advertise on social media. Creating social media accounts on platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook are great ways to reach your target audience and connect with them. 

Slow periods may be a stressful time to look at your bottom line, but they are also an opportunity to find ways to connect with your customers in new or different ways and show your appreciation for all the hard work your employees have put in this year. Some adjustments may be challenging, but staying relevant and listening to the needs of your customers will help you reap many rewards in the long run. You can stay top of mind through the holiday season and into the new year when you think outside the box and use some of these strategies in planning for your business.

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